Your relationship with food doesn't have to be complicated. When you can change how you approach food, it frees up space and energy to focusing on living the life you actually want. 

Here's a few ways I can help:


Nourished & Whole: 4 Week Kitchen Intuition Challenge

Give me 4 weeks to change the way you think about food and cooking. Get ready to feel your best AND create a delicious healthy lifestyle without spending hours in the kitchen. 


In-Person Cooking Classes

If you're looking to learn with a group, I'll be doing live cooking classes soon! Get on my email newsletter to stay in the loop for upcoming events.


Kitchen Crash Course

In this 5 week course you get personalized support from me where I'll teach you all the fundamentals to cooking and eating well. You'll learn:

  • the basics of real food

  • how to cut the confusion from all the health facts out there

  • navigating the grocery store without the overwhelm 

  • stocking your pantry

  • get the skills to feel more confident in the kitchen - even without a recipe and actually having fun with it

  • how to create an empowered relationship with food

  • personalized recipes, resources and more ‚Äč


Transform Your Relationship with Food

In this 3 month program we'll dive deep into your relationship with food to uncover the habits, beliefs and behaviours that are keeping you stuck. Because when you can change these, you change your life! 

This program includes bi-weekly one on one calls, unlimited resources, and access to me via email/text if you need a emergency support between our regular chats. 

It’s all about empowering you with the tools and individualized support for you to change your life. Seriously. I’m confident because I know you have it in you. You're here, right? 


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